HI Future

Rising homelessness across the UK – with drastic numbers of people finding themselves without a home, personal support or a reliable source of income – necessitates strategic, collaborative and radical action, and HI Future intends to do just that.

Bringing together a collective of progressive businesses, experienced charities and committed public sector departments, the HI Future community are working directly with people with personal insight into homelessness to co-produce a solution which will help create secure and stable futures for some of the most vulnerable people in society.

With HR processes often unequipped to work with people in need of some support on their return to work and negative perceptions of the people experiencing homelessness clouding people’s judgement, HI Future’s mission is to enable inclusive and supportive employment opportunities for those willing and able to work.

Whether realising diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense, employing in an effort to impact the local community positively or simply opening up to unexpected potential, we aim to scale and sustain available job opportunities, facilitate more choice for people looking to work and ensure support is available throughout the employment process.

Led by Noisy Cricket – a social impact consultancy on a mission to build people-powered movements around pressing social issues – we intend to pilot the HI Future community-led solution across Greater Manchester into 2020, before rolling out across the UK.

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