Our Approach

With an estimated 4,800 people with personal insight into homelessness across Greater Manchester willing to work, and skills gaps in the tech, construction and hospitality industries across the region, we asked ourselves – why aren’t those roles being offered to those most in need?

Getting under the skin of the business barriers to employing those impacted – with the support of individuals and organisations affiliated with the Manchester Homelessness Partnership – we worked with Hyper Island in Manchester to explore potential solutions to the issue.

Garnering feedback from Manchester’s progressive business community on the ideas developed, it became clear that matchmaking people with personal insight to roles was essential, as was providing in role support during the settling in period. That, and some assumptions and fears that would need to be addressed too.

With a clear blueprint to build upon, Noisy Cricket is bringing together a community of businesses, charities and public sector departments to work with people who have experienced homelessness to co-create the solution and build a movement of changemakers committed to creating secure and stables futures for those in need.

Here’s how…

Stage 1 – User Research (Feb 2019): Using interviews and workshops to get under the skin of the issue, we’ll be talking to everyone from line managers and HR teams to work coaches and people looking for work and using the insight to inform potential solutions.
Stage 2 – Employer Education (Mar 2019): Sharing our insights on the root causes of homelessness and exploring the opportunities and challenges of employing people who may be experiencing personal challenges, we’ll be educating business employees ahead of working as a community to shape the optimum solution together.
Stage 3 – Co-Creation Workshops (Apr 2019): Bringing together mixed groups of business employees, charity workers, public sector leaders and people with personal insight into homelessness, we’ll be examining prototypes and exploring opportunities that will influence the creation of inclusive and supportive employment opportunities
Stage 4 – Solution Testing (Jun 2019): Building the employment solution – with communications and campaigning tools developed alongside – will need testing as we near launch, so our cross-sector HI Future community will be involved in feeding back on and refining the solution before we pilot it across Greater Manchester.

Aiming to launch Autumn 2019, and roll out into 2020, our ambition is to roll out across the U.K., and contribute to the incredible work underway around the country to radically reduce homelessness.

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