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Spearheading our HI Future community of changemakers, are a crack team of designers, researchers, marketers and tech strategists, with personal insight into homelessness sitting at the heart of our team.

Come meet them…

Lauren Coulman – Founder and Social Impact Consultant at Noisy Cricket

Lauren Coulman EDITHello! I’m Lauren, and I’m the founder of HI Future and the driving force behind it that is Noisy Cricket. Homelessness is an issue that has impacted people I love personally. So, knowing the power of strategic, community-led and open approaches to social change from my time as a corporate marketer and community organiser across Greater Manchester, knew it would take a big vision and a lot of noise to change people’s perceptions of how to make a difference.

As a highly visible but often misunderstood issue, we’re bringing our incredible community of cross-sector changemakers together with people with personal insight into homelessness, and I couldn’t be prouder of the passion, expertise and empathy they’re bringing to change the systems and cultures that have allowed homelessness to rise in our city rapidly.

Mooch Ashley – Fundraising and Distribution at Big Change Manchester

Mooch Ashley EDITYeah, hi! I’m Mooch, and one of the people behind Big Change Manchester. We help people who are homeless by paying for the items they need… a deposit for a home, a training course, clothes for a job interview, furnishing for a new flat, or travel costs. Whatever they need, we work with support workers and sort them out. Using my own experiences with homelessness, I’ve worked on Street Poem – a homeless arts initiative with Manchester International Festival – and was involved in the development of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership charter, which brought the public sector and charities together to reduce homelessness.

What we need now is jobs, and businesses do their bit by getting involved and offering them. HI Future going to help us see how we can best do that together, and it’s going to rock!

Cam Spilman – Managing Director at Paper

Cam Spilman EDITHi there! I’m the Managing Director and a co-founder of Paper, a research and design studio that I started with some friends a few years ago with the goal of making things that really focused on people’s needs. I’m also a co-founder and mentor at legup.social which is a free-to-attend digital mentoring event for charities, social enterprises, and anyone really who needs help with digital stuff.

When it comes to delivering HI Future, I’m the support person for the team – an extra pair of hands and eyes to get things done and to join in whenever things get difficult. As to why, apart from that it is a good thing and we want to work on good things, I’m also a believer in Lauren and her vision.

Urska Ticar – User Researcher and Designer at Paper

Urska Ticar EDITHey! My name is Urska and I come from a small, chicken-shaped country nudged between Italy and Croatia known as Slovenia. I left my country five years ago as an Erasmus exchange student and most recently moved to Manchester while working for northern design studio, Paper. In 2018, I gained my master’s degree in Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island. For me, design is the glue that shows people how creative they are and what they can achieve if they approach and see their problems through the tools, thinking and use of design.

My primary interest is creativity, culture and people, and exploring how can we improve people’s experiences and determine what they need. Each individual has new and different interactions with their own unique culture, work environment and systems. Getting to know them and help them is my favourite part of working in the creative industry.

Clara Parada – User Researcher and Designer at Paper

Clara Parada EDITHi! My name is Clara, I’m Brazilian/Italian and have been in the UK for the past three years. I’ve completed both my Master’s degree in Digital Media Management and a PGCE in Secondary Art and Design. I’m currently a user researcher on the (amazing) HI Future project. This role and this brief fulfil my undying love for speaking to people while promoting positive social change. It is a real honour to be part of a project, that will contribute to solving such a challenging and sensitive topic, which impacts so many humans around Greater Manchester, as well as the whole of the UK.

When I’m not working as a freelance researcher, you can find me designing, delivering and facilitating learning experiences for kids, teenagers and young adults. Education is usually my field of choice when attempting to contribute to my most significant personal goal: bridging the social inequality gap by ensuring people of all social and economic backgrounds have access to awesome-quality opportunities.

Harry Bailey – Tech and People Consultant at Grow Inc

Harry Bailey EDITHi! I’m the founder of Grow Inc, and my background is in running software businesses and developing products. Now, my time is spent working with clients, consulting on tech capability and supporting the onboarding of new members to their development teams, with the aim of boosting the productivity and wellbeing of those already at the coal-face. When not fostering development teams, I work to support social good through organisations and initiatives in and around Manchester.

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